This jarhead puts his heart into his barbecue. Great food and great people.
- Jake R.

We had Bravo Company Barbeque at our company Christmas Party. It was great! My entire team loved it and wanted the left-overs at the office on the Monday afterwards! We appreciate Michael Winfrey and Ofie for their talent and amazing service.
- Pam H.​

Thank you so much for catering my daughter Lillie's Quince. Everything was delicious.
- Lisa R.​

I can't say enough about the quality of service and food. Here's the deal. I tend to do things last minute. It's a character flaw. And I own it. I called Michael and Ophelia the Tuesday before Christmas asking if they could cater a company luncheon on Thursday. So, not only did I give them short notice, but also hit them up during the holidays. Oh, and I needed enough for 35 people. And I needed it delivered to Round Rock. You get the picture? It was not an easy order. Well, they made it seem easy. I had confirmation within 10 minutes that they would be able to pull it off. And when I got to the office the next morning, a quote was in my inbox. So far so good. But it got even better. They arrived 10 minutes earlier than I requested. I showed them our break room. They discussed how they wanted to set everything up, then told me that they would come get me when everything was ready. They didn't need me to do anything. I like it when I I don't have to do much.
Ok so by now, you already have an idea of Bravo BBQ's customer service. And while it is top-notched, it pales in comparison to the quality of the food. Now, I'm a bbq connoisseur. And let me tell you, the food was OUTSTANDING! All of our employees thought so too. They are still taking about it. Lastly, Bravo BBQ left us some to-go boxes in case any of us wanted to take food home at the end of the day. While, this was a nice touch, there was no need. The food was devoured! Great job Bravo! I appreciate you putting smiles on the faces of our employees.
- Derrick P.

My wife has used them for her catering for her customers! They can handle small, medium and large groups! The food is consent for one or 1000, when you hire these guys you are getting where quality and service meet! We will both use them again and we know what we get with Bravo and that's excellence!
- Jeremy C.

Awesome grillmaster and great homemade BBQ sauce.
- Jarrett E.

Hats off to Bravo Company Barbeque & Catering for turning me into a brisket lover!
- Dolores G. 

We cannot thank the Bravo team enough for providing the food for my sister’s wedding shower! Our family is from Texas and L-O-V-E-S BBQ! Bravo Company BBQ & Catering are a locally run establishment and they did not disappoint!
I honestly cannot decide what was best! The brisket was flavorful and moist. The sausage was delicious and the ribs….YUM! It’s making me hungry just thinking about it. There are many sides to choose from. We went with coleslaw, beans, and potato salad. All tasted wonderful (with the option to choose spice level if you like spicy!) and the presentation was great. The Bravo team made sure to serve everything in a timely manner so it was nice and warm! Guests were lining up for seconds and thirds.
We will most definitely reach out to Bravo Company BBQ for our next family gathering!
- Stephanie N.

BCB&C catered our birthday event for about 50 guests, and the food was a big hit.
- Josue V.

Makes me wanna come back to Texas sooner then later!
- Chris M.

Always genuine, quality barbeque from Bravo. A meal you won't forget!
- Megan H.

Everything is delicious!! got to try the beef ribs and jalapeño macaroni!!
- Danielle T. 

We had Bravo cater for our office and were just blown away by everything they brought. The brisket, sausage, and chicken were all cooked to perfection and it was topped off with beans and jalapeño mac and cheese....all slap your mama delicious! I highly recommend them for any and all of your BBQ and catering needs. Now I need to plan a party just so I can have this again!!
- Natalie G.

So fortunate to have this business come out to our Vet Tv live event and make some of the best bbq we've all had. Delicious and nutritious. Okay well, maybe not nutritious but damn delicious. The Mac n cheese was damn spicy but soooooooo good. The sausage and ribs were amazing!
- Jesse J.

The BBQ is delicious - I had brisket & sausage. The spicy mac n cheese & the beans were my favorite sides. I'd hire them for any event, great food & great people!
- Amy V.

Spicy mac and cheese was delicious! Loved the sausage and brisket too! Highly recommend for any event and the owners are super awesome!
- LakStar L.

My husband and I are Texas BBQ snobs. There was not a thing wrong with the food or service!! Meat was tender and juicy...sides were amazing!! What a great catering experience, too! Bravo!
- Angie B.

Bravo Company catered our company lunch meeting. The service & the food were absolutely wonderful! The meats, the sides, the everything! The brisket was so tender & the sausage incredibly tasty. I would recommend Bravo Company BBQ & Catering to anyone needing an incredible BBQ spread!
- Kristina K.

Michael and the gang are amazing people and their food is outstanding. If you need some top notch grilling be sure to hit him up. I would definitely recommend and use them again.
- Daniel C.

Amazing food and owners. They truly believe in their mission to serve others. If you don't choose them for your next event, it will be a mistake.
- Ronald O.

Wonderful, delicious food served with all the trimmings. Professional and prompt.
- Stephanie S.

Oh my gosh! These guys have the best Mac-n-cheese I have ever had!! Wonderful food and fabulous people!!
- Pam S.